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  • Sweta Bhambani submitted her thesis.
  • *Congratulations Dr. Smita Kumar and Dr. Ashutosh Pandey for winning the most prestigious Young Scientist Medal-2017 from Indian National Science Academy (INSA).
  • Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi sanctioned Centre of Excellence and Innovation in Biotechnology (CEIB) on Secondary plant product pathway engineering
  • Dr. Smita awarded Indo-Australian Career Boosting Gold Fellowship from DBT to work in Prof. Anthony Miller's group
  • Tapsi Shukla and Aditya V. Agarwal submitted their thesis.
  • 7 publications received Best Research Paper Award-2016 from the Institute.
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    Pathway Engineering for secondary plant products

    In the area of secondary plant metabolites, main focus has been to study the expression and regulation of genes involved in biosynthesis of important molecules, which are beneficial for human health. Lab has attained success in different aspects such as:

  • Transgenic plants accumulate isoflavones. in flower petals, but leaf tissue was devoid of these phytoceuticals.
  • Transformation and development of transgenic plants.
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