• Dr. Parul Gupta joined Oregon State University, USA as Post Doctoral Fellow

  • CSIR approved CSIR–BMBF project in collaboration with Prof. Ute Hoecker, Botanical Institute and Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences (CEPLAS), University of Cologne

  • CSIR-NBRI awarded with CSIR-Technology Award-2015 in association with CSIR-CIMAP, CSIR-CDRI and CSIR-IICB for the work on Withania

  • Deepika Sharma Submitted Ph.D. thesis to AcSIR

  • Dr. Prabodh selected as member of Advisory Committee for Biotechnology, CST, UP

  • Dr. Smita Kumar has been selected for NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award-2015.

  • Deepika Sharma awarded Prof. AS Mukherjii Memorial Award for Oral Presentation in All India Cell Biology Conference (AICBC2014)

  • Dr. Ashutosh Pandey joined as project scientist at NABI, Mohali

  • Dr. Prabodh Trivedi joined Editorial Board of Scientific Reports (NPG Journal)

  • Dr. Prabodh Trivedi joined PLoS ONE editorial Board

  • Tiwari et al. (2014) Plant Cell and Environment received Best Research Paper Award from the Institute

  • Dr. Prabodh Trivedi elected as FNASc from National Academy of Sciences, India.

  • Dr. Manish Tewari joined as visiting scientist at Western Kentucky university, USA.

  • Dr. Smita Kumar awarded INSPIRE Faculty Award (Year 2013: session II) from DST and INSA New Delhi.

Research Highlights

  • Transgenic tomato with enhances flavonoid content and improved bone health

  • Differential response of Arabidopsis ecotypes to arsenic stress

  • Omics and biotechnology of arsenic stress and detoxification

  • Differential expression of miRNAs in Natural accessions of rice under arsenic stress

  • Modulation of banana transcriptome during fruit ripening

  • Rice MATE genes play role in plant growth and stress response

  • AtMYB12 and GmIFS coexpressing Tobacco plants have osteoprotective activity

  • Withaferin A improves Bone health

  • OsNRAMP1 involved in arsenic xylem loading

  • OsGSTL2 enhances plant growth and stress tolerance

  • Biosynthetic Pathways for withnolides and Papaverine elucidated

  • Synthetic Phytochelatins enhances metal accmulation in plants

Research Areas

Pathway engineering for secondary plant products Molecular Biology of fruit ripening Environmental Biotechnology

Contact Information

Principal Scientist
Plant Gene Expression Lab
National Botanical Research Institute
Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow-226001, India
Phone: +91-05222297958
E-mail: prabodht@hotmail.com